Studio DaG is the design studio of Denise and Guus. We are two young designers in search of the balance between work and life, money and happiness, product and identity, greed and continuity. Denise is an illustrator and storyteller, Guus an inventor and craftsman.

We are both idealists who observe the world around them and search, in all modesty, solutions for the things that concern us.

The preservability of products is shortening. Because of commerce, money is not only used to facilitate the primary needs, but is increasingly more often spent to created unreal needs. Social media is a catalyst. The turnover period of products is becoming shorter and more volatile.

Studio DaG tries to counter problems with fair preservable products with a twist, creating something new out of old materials and techniques, smart imaginative solutions. We make products with a message, we tell a story that makes people aware of their own behaviour.

Preservability is the goal. Preservability is the bigger brother of sustainability, and is also about emotion, usability and usage

The basis of our designs and products are attention and craftsmanship. Both are essential for the soul of a product and with that its emotional preservability.

Our inspiration comes from nature and the past; here we find almost all the answers which we combine with present-day insights and knowledge.